Salesforce Spring’23 – Data model – new Gender Data Fields

In Spring’23 release upgrade, Salesforce deployed new gender fields : Gender Identity & Pronouns.

This data model upgrade concerns Lead, Contact, and Person Account objects :

  • API names on Lead & Contacts : GenderIdentity & Pronouns
  • API names on Person Account : PersonGenderIdentity & PersonPronouns
Change modal to accompany clients to adoption of Gender Data

By the past, Salesforce had already implemented these fields in their Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP). With Spring’23 release, it is now integrated in Salesforce core platform, beyond mere client referential, feeding all the clouds, especially marketing products.

New GenderIdentity standard field on Contact standard object – Picklist values
New Pronouns standard field on Contact standard object – Picklist values

Equality is a strong core value at Salesforce, one among the 5 core values on which Salesforce relies (Trust , Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, and the more recent Sustainability) and develop all its business.

As Salesforce mentions they wish to provide to their employees an ecosystem where they can feel themselves the way they are, it was natural for them to deploy in their products, for their customers, the same kind of attention, they provide to their employees.

Just be cautious about :

  • The fields are not yet available on unrefreshed Non-Preview Sandbox.

The fields had been deployed/delivered by Salesforce on production environments (with Spring’23 release upgrade, early February) and on preview sandboxes (early January). However, be aware that non-preview sandboxes had not been upgraded with these fields. So you may experiment some CI/CD issues or deployment errors, if you use automatic integration/deployment processes and tools, because they will identify a data model discrepancy, and they will not be able to deploy these standard fields. A sandbox refresh is still possible to update your non-preview sandboxes to match Spring’23 delivered data model, but it is still a laborious operation that needs to be planned and well organized among all teams / users / stakeholders.

  • These fields may not appear on your extractions. They may even generate errors !

As the fields came in with API v57.0, you will need to use this last v57.0 API version to access these fields. Otherwise Salesforce API will not let you access them.

Error when querying new gender fields in current « not v57.0 compliant » Salesforce Inspector / API

For example, Salesforce Inspector is still in version 1.14 aligned with Winter’23 release (v56.0) while a GitHub Pull Request has been created in Salesforce Inspector’s GitHub repository to ask the author to make the extension compliant with latest Salesforce API.

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