Salesforce Trailblazer TDX 2023 – 5 FREE Integration User

Free Salesforce swag is always something that Trailblazers, Salesforce clients, and Salesforce-addict consultants are looking for… but when it comes to free licences, that’s a whole other issue !

In last TDX 2023 (TrailblazerDX 2023) on March 7th and 8th, Salesforce announced the addition of 5 FREE Integration user (= API Only) users for their clients (with Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited editions), to be deployed, in a phased way as of March 14th, with additional licences at a very challenging price.

And, here they come !!

Salesforce, with its last Spring’23 patch 13.1, introduced the Salesforce Integration user license along with a Profile named API Only.

As indicated by its name, this new profile is dedicated to back-office operations / integrations.

5 new licences added for free and available for integration/technical user assignment

Naturally, in past and ongoing Salesforce implementations, Salesforce Architects and Technical Lead still recommend to use dedicated user (with either System Admin or Custom technical-oriented profile) to handle integration use case within Salesforce (still with proper connected app configuration as a best practice).

Each integration type is often covered by a dedicated user (or at least it should be).

That often leads to contexts with up to 3 or 5 dedicated integration users for integrations. Even if is aligned, this way, with administration & security standards, all these users consumes « all included » highly-priced « business » licenses slots.

From an admin point of view, there is no need anymore to create / clone new custom profile (who has cloned it from System Admin profile with out modifying it ? Moreover, who has always handled them directly as Admin ? ). The new API Only profile is here on the shelf.

New Profile – API Only naturally – accessible in Salesforce setup

As it is an « API Only » enabled profile, the users who will be assigned this new profile, will only be dedicated to integration use cases, because users would not be able – as it should always be the case for technical / integration users in order to avoid security-related access issue – to login to Salesforce login page by using the user credentials (that generally never expire, by the way).

The existing and new users – dedicated to integration use case – are now to be transferred / created with this new license and profile. Have fun & free some licenses !

Just be cautious about :

  • Automatisms / Apex code / bypass triggers… that may leverage profiles names. They should be taken in account concomitantly with the profile assignment switch to the new license/profile.
  • Check your integration after your license switch (with non-regression testing) on sandbox before impacting the configuration. Obvious comment, but that does not hurt to write it 😉

License and profile are available, as the others, in user creation setup page

For information, to be complete, an known issue has been logged by Salesforce, because some clients, who had already created a custom « API Only » profile with the same security idea, have encountered issues in their code. The issue is currently handled by Salesforce and will be solved in an upcoming patch.

In addition :

  • A Integration licence will be available in Developer Editions to test the feature
  • For customers who would need additional licenses, it will be possible to buy additional licenses at a very challenging $10 per user per month price (current public licences price shared by Salesforce).

To read more about Integration users :