Winter’24 – Permission Set Summary (Beta)

In Winter’24 preview, there is a new feature that is in beta testing, that allows to consolidate and present an overall vision of all permissions present within a given Permission Set.

To access this summary, you should navigate in Setup, to the given permission set, and click on « View Summary (beta)« 

A complete summary of all included permissions, of this Permission Set, is then displayed, without needing to deep dive in the usual permission menu (that you could see in the grey section of the bottom of the previous screenshot).

The top section of the page displays :

  • A first block with the Permission Set summary information,
  • Information about all permission set groups, which include the Permission Set

The section below presents :

  • The System Permissions present within the enabled Permission Set (before you had to go to the System Permission sub menu, and scroll through the whole page with all System Permissions, to see which ones have been enabled),
  • The Object permissions
  • The Field permissions