Scale Center for Salesforce Org Performance review (beta since Summer’23)

Salesforce has made available, an org analysis feature, called « Scale Center » to all their Unlimited Edition Client. It has been made available on Full Copy sandboxes as well.

The feature is accessible from the setup menu (look for « Scale Center » in setup’s Quick Find box). You still may try to contact your Salesforce AE, to get, or try to activate the solution for your Salesforce instance.

First, get to Scale Center section, select Org Performance, and activate the feature.

Scale Center – Welcome screen to launch the analysis feature

Once activated, Scale Center will run to collect and analyse your data. It will need a couple of hours to gather all measures.

Scale Center – First data collection process

After performance measures collection, the admin system will be able to define either a quick observation range (last 4h / last 12h / last 24h until now) or define more accurately the time frame for data observation.

Scale Center – Simple range definition on last few years
Scale Center – Custom base range between 2 dates

The Admin System will also be able to compare the time frame, with a previous one, by clicking on Compare checkbox, and then define the second timeframe.

Scale Center – Time frames comparison

Here is below a sample of a performance measure chart on a long time frame

Scale Center – Restitution of the overall performance on a time range

The tool allows the Admin user to define a 30-minute long slot, to deep dive on outliers, or anomalous data that may be highlighted in such chart.

Scale Center – Deep dive on a time slot selection

From this 30-minute long selection, the System Admin will be able to generate either :

  • a dedicated report on a specific axis (Apex, or Database..)
  • a consolidated report, gathering metrics related to all topics of the list below

Scale Center – Report generation starting from the previous time range definition

Start a new analysis report, see report status,

Scale Center – Report definition

From the Setup menu (Setup > Performance > Scale Center > Performance Analysis) a system admin can access all performances reports generated from within the previous screens. You can consult there the last 100 reports generated within your Salesforce Organization.

However, be aware that the generated reports will expire after 30 days.

Scale Center – Analysis report generation in progress

The Performance Analysis report will take a few minutes to be generated. During this preparation time, when clicking on the report in progress, the report is not yet available.

Scale Center – Analysis report not available because in progress

When ready, the report will be accessible by refreshing the page ; it will be tagged as available, in the Analysis related list, from the previous screen.

Scale Center – Analysis report available for consultation after generation

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QuickText issue when deploying to Salesforce instance

When deploying profiles to Salesforce, if you ever encounter « You can’t edit tab settings for QuickText, as it’s not a valid tab. », that probably comes from a configuration discrepancy between your Salesforce source and target instances.

« Quick Text »-related error, when deploying profile (here with Gearset solution)

This setting is already enabled in « Lightning version » setup page.

« Quick Text  » activation setting in your well-known setup page (User Interface > Quick Text Settings)

As Salesforce help mentions, only Classic instances, with chat enabled, have this setting automatically enabled. Otherwise, you will need to activate it manually, as done below.

So do not forget to switch to Classic, and to activate it too.

« Quick Text  » activation setting different from Lightning’s one

Once both settings are enabled, you can keep on deploying your Salesforce project ! Our QuickText issue will disappear as it appeared.

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