SALESFORCE #TIPS – Share a list view to several users

To whom may wonder how to share a same list view to a certain group of users, you should leverage Public Groups.

When creating a list view in Salesforce, you can create it :

  • for your own
  • for all users (you cannot be too selective on your filters, on a wide-open list view)
  • for a set of users from within roles / roles and subordinates

However, when you do want to share a list with a limited number of users, from the same role for example, you could feel that you should need to create a subrole just for it, or open it up to all users because you think you cannot do any other way.

Share a List View – No possibility to share to a group, if no Group had been created first

To be able to target a list of specific users, you could leverage Public Groups

To do so, navigate to Setup > Public Groups > New, create a public group with a relevant name, that would be easy to understand for users who would need to share their list views.

Share a List View – Creation of a Public Group

Once done, you will see that you are now able to share list views with Groups ; this option is now available among the list sharing options :

Share a List View – Sharing to a Public Group is possible when at least a Public Group exists

Here, we share the new list view, with the newly created Public Group :

Share a List View – Example when sharing to a group

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URL Hack to reset Salesforce user security token

This is not a very new topic, but that is something that I need to explain a few times a year, because I am frequently asked this question by consultants.

When trying to reset a User Security Token, consultants or administrator are navigating through the user settings to discover that the Reset My Security Token is not present anymore in the personal section of Settings menu, on the left side of the page.

Reset Security Token – Click Settings to access the personal settings page to access the Reset Token menu

In My Personal Information menu, in the settings panel, you can see that there is no option to reset the security token, in this instance (example, on the screenshot on the right, where the menu option is missing).

That can be the case when an IP range has been defined for your profile / user.

Reset Security Token – No Reset option

However, if you need to get a Token value, in this case, please consider the following URL hack :

  • Go to the URL navigation bar
  • Append to your Salesforce domain, the following text :
  • And click enter, once done.

A new page (in an old-fashioned Classic look) then appears, unlocking the reset option. From this page, you will now be able to reset the security token of this user, by pressing the Reset Security Token button.

Reset Security Token – Option unlocked within Classic page

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